lOok i mAde a pAintinG

Wow! Look who made something other than a niche meme! It’s me! Wow. How nice, am I right? Anyways so I saw like these tik toks and videos on instagram of people painting cartoon things on their vans, hydroflasks, wall, closet door and more things that my mother wouldn’t allow me to paint on, yet I still found the idea cool right and I wanted to do something like that so I took a canvas started painting and a couple weeks of procrastination later I finished the painting. I even made a tik tok of the progress of it so here’s that too. I’ll keep you guys updated so yeah, tOodleSsss.

Letters, Niche and the 80’s

So I decided to use proper grammar and capital letters again for my blog posts specifcally so here I am. Normally, I prefer lower cased letters for aesthetic purposes, I suppose. Anyway, I decided to start posting again so expect me more, but like, don’t too much cause you may get dissapointed. Alright so, I’ve been fully in love with the show ‘Stranger Things’ lately, and I have a weird new obsession with the 80’s for some reason, maybe because I’ve been watching a lot of 80’s films such as the full ‘Back To The future’ series, and my music taste revolves largely around 80’s pop, whatever the reason, It’s great. Okay, so I’ve made a lot of new niche memes actually but I’ve been posting them on instagram @sherry.niche.fatima, but here is a bunch from those. Again, my style with niche memes has also changed.

more niche

hey guys! ok so i made a few more niche memes and i wanted to share them with you. Let me know what you think.

double bubble disco queen

greek myth boi

ok so the first one has this really cool neon vaporwave aesthetic that i love omg and then the second one is kinda dreamy and more original i suppose. which one do you prefer?let me know in the comments. toodles!

niche memes/moodboards

Hey everyone! ok so I’ve started high school and I haven’t really been drawing much lately cuz I’m just lazy and getting sick of drawing. however I have been making these things called niche memes. They’re like moodboards basically and I’ve been making characters out of them so here’s a few for example:

also I made an acc where I post them on instagram @sherry_niche_fatima

first niche meme.jpgaries and sag.jpg

im back (again ik)

Hey guys! so I’m aware that I’ve been gone for a pretty long time but I’ve been really busy. I’m starting high school so I’m going to be honest and say that I can’t really promise that I will post more but I’ll try. I’m trying many new things and I really wanna share them. I haven’t really made any new artworks lately but there might be new content coming soon!

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